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Something big has happened, can you find Us? ;)

Welcome, Citizen,

Welcome to the world where DC and Marvel superheroes are standing side by side, ready to blow minds of all Coffea Arabica extract lovers.

In AnonymouS Coffee you can try delicacies from carefully selected independent European roasters, work (sockets are everywhere), but also become embroiled in the battle with a popgun or take part in a pull-up competition.

Just close your eyes and travel back in to your childhood.. with a great cup of Joe, cocoa, tea or lemonade in your hand…

Opening Hours

Mo – Fr 09:00 – 22:00
Sa – Su 09:00 – 22:00

* Public holidays are considered as Sunday.

* Not accepting reservations.

Jungmanova 750/ 34, Prague, CZ


Sneak Peak


Now Brewing Cast Iron Roasters, West Sussex, UK.

To find out the exact range of coffee beans currently on offer, please visit our coffee shop

Espresso Base
Espresso 49,–
Double Espresso 60,–
Americano 90,–
Espresso Macchiato 58,–
Cappuccino 58,–
Cafe Latte 67,–
Flat White 69,–
Soy Milk 14,–
Nothing 1,–
Filtered Coffee
V60 300ml 70,–
V60 500ml 90,–
Chemex 500ml 90,–
Aeropress   65,–
Ultimate Chai Latte 63,–
Anon Tea 49,–
Ultimate Hot Chocolate 76,–
Homemade Lemonade 45,–
Mango Nectar 45,–
Fritz Melon 55,–
East Imperial Tonic 55,–
Domácí Limo 45,–
Ki-ba 45,–
Mango nectar 45,–
Fritz melon 55,–
East Imperial tonic 55,–
Oppacher 35,–
Fentimans limo. 65,–
Red wine 0,15l 87,–
White whine 0,15l 87,–
Haymans Gin Tonic 105,–
Espresso Tonic 79,–
Cold Drip Martini 105,–
Cold Brew Tea 74,–
Milk Brew 74,–
Cascara Gin Tonic 125,–
Affogato 74,–

homemade and always fresh

RAW VEGAN cakes 85,–
Brownie 34,–
Cheesecake/ cake 77,–
Panini 119,–
Sušenky 29,–
Chia vegan pudink 63,–
Sandwich 74,–
Salats 57 / 67,–
Cupcake 49,–

AnonymouS in Motion

wiggle wiggle
coffee??? Take away?? :D.
Driping Goodnes
Col Drip coffee AnonymouS.
swing swing on a little swing.
Closing Time
Always clean... your mashien.
SPLASH and be Cool
Stay cool..
Art of CoffeeRevolution
We ♥ U.
AnonymouS Barista
Another way to Coffee.
magic box of candy
boom..where is the candy?
AnonymouS Coffee Pull Up
Perfect Aim...
AnonymouS Tea Water pour...

Our Philosophy

Dear Citizen,

You landed on a website attacked by AnonymouS and this is our manifest to all lovers of good Coffee:

We have come here to create haven for every hero that will fight for the goodness of true Coffee. If you wish to enrich your day with a Cold Drip, get a kick from espresso or recharge your batteries with a filtered aeropress or chemex, you have come to the right place. Take a good look around. Fill your nostrils with the intoxicating smell of freshly brewed Coffee coming from our espresso machine, La Marzocco Strada EP.

See our walls and let them speak to you in the language of Vendetta.

V for Vendetta..

W for a Warm Welcome..

„Each of us is important. Everyone. Every one of us is a hero, a lover, a fool or a villain. Everyone. Everyone has a story to tell.“
- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

To the the followers of Japanese ways we have come to announce that they have reached a crossroad.

You have heard of the Way of Tea- chanoyu (茶の湯) or sadō (茶道), the Way of the Warrior- Bushido (武士道) or the Way of the Gods- Shinto(神道)

But this crossroad is where you find a new way – the Way of Coffee コ ー ヒ ー 道, a way for those who do not fear the endless expansion of their horizons.

We were born from the 3 Spirits of our brother, AnonymuS Bar and we are following similar principles.

What are they you ask? They are our three spirits or souls

  1. The Soul of the past, or the historical one: Reminding of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Even if you do not like dusty old history books, know that this story is constantly and vividly alive in the hearts of the followers of the Anonymous group and in every single coffee-bean that you will find here.
  2. The Soul of Comics and movie: We are protected by a rank of superheroes and we are the only place on the planet where Marvel and DC have a glass of Milk Brew together to cool of their fiery controversy. Batman and Spiderman side by side are guarding the premisses of Anonymous Coffee. At the same time it is 2005 and V tells us in ‚V for Vendetta‘ that it is not to late for a revolution. And we tell you that not only do we want to save the state from injustice, we also wish to save the world from bad Coffee.

V for Vendetta – story, that has been burned in to our walls. Superheroes, are sleeping in everyone of us.

3. The Soul of the Present – Soul of Recycling: This road is the journey of return and conservation: One of the two great themes of today. We like to be playful like children and return to the roots of being. We even have a Swing! And for the love of nature, you will find here furniture that can tell you an old industrial fairy tale. And the mask you see everywhere… You know them, everyone knows them now..the are Anonymous,the masked heroes of the internet.

Except for the self-evident devotion to four P's, our baristas also give into the three F's. Funny – Friendly – Futuristic. Needless to say, they also are the Phantoms of the Phenomenal Coffee.

„Everything that you read on the internet is the truth.“
- Winston Churchill

However, the most important remains コ ー ヒ ー 道. Understand – the Way of the Coffee. Everywhere we go, we leave a trail of Coffee Beans. So you can always safely find us. And once you do, you know that you can feel safe from ever getting lost in the forest of over- roasted coffee beans and the dark shadows lurking behind coffee vending machines again.

We look forward to see you!


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AnonymouS Coffee

Jungmanova 750/ 34
Prague 1
101 00
Czech Republic


Opening Hours

Mo – Fr 09:00 – 22:00
Sa – Su 09:00 – 22:00

* Public holidays are considered as Sunday.

Filip Stránský

executive director filip@anonymousconcept.cz

AnonymouS Concept s.r.o.

legal operator
Michalská 432/12
110 00 – Prague 1
Czech Republic
Vat Nr.: CZ 242 27 455